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Under the statistics are real people and real families. Disclaimer: Deals with death and sickness related to COVID

Family is family. Public domain license.

There will be two empty spots in his family photo this year. Two spots that had been living, breathing people a short while ago. That’s two fewer people to check in on regularly, two less birthdays to celebrate, two voices he will never hear again.

He will never forget them…

Who I am, Why I write and What I write. It’s all here.

Taken on my birthday this year. Photo © my sister but rights are all mine.

I’m going to start off by being honest because I harbor guilt over it — this post is about 1 month and 1 day late. I had originally intended to write and publish this About Me on my birthday this year, July 11, because I had done something I never…

Click That Bait, You Will

If I can, you can

“Beauty & The Beast 1907” — Picture by Kennet Kjell Johansson Hultman apparently. The image is free of copyrights and relevance to the story.

A year and a half ago, I burnt-out and quit my job. I couldn’t do it. My soul was crushed and I was depressed. It quite literally sucked, “like there was a big fat straw that someone stuck into my very core, sucking out the energy, hopes and dreams I…

I Swear I Saw a Swearing Bird

Backstory of my journey into expletive freedom. And there’s no f*cking way I’m giving it up

Free for use image: Pixabay

I didn’t learn to swear from my parents. I wasn’t explicitly taught “good” and “bad” word distinctions either.

My father was prone to the occasional “bastard” while under the influence of road rage, especially when someone slowed down his 120 kmph ride on the freeways of Bahrain. …

Dream Dreamy Dreams

Prompt response: “A recent dream”. Tagged by Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

“I got no need for a tailor, Mama”. Copyright Free Image

It’s not everyday that I wake up to a dark room and a silent house. But today I did.

Sitting upright in a bolt, gulping in a big throat-full of air, I grab my phone to see the time.

Fuck! It’s 10 am. The dogs…where are the dogs?”

I reach…

Getting Better Everyday

Know Thyself December Prompt: What I’m letting go

Photo of and provided by Author — warped with an Instagram filter.

People tell me I’m beautiful all the time. They say it just like that, or using other synonymous words: pretty, lovely, great, happy etc. I also get praised for my smile a lot; I’m told — and I know — I show the entirety of my teeth when I smile.

Six degrees of separation took on a whole new meaning

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash. Edited on Canva by Author.

In a world of blurring lines, there’s nothing hazier than the one between real life and the online world.

I’ve got 1028 friends on Facebook, 531 followers on my personal instagram page, 209 on my writing-based instagram page, 407 followers on Medium and 68 followers on Twitter. …

Preeti Ramachandran

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