COVID Apocalypse: The Zombie Variant

It all started in Tokyo

3 min readFeb 7, 2022


Tokyo has fallen! Image from Adobe Stock.

The smell assaulted her before she even realized what was happening. The sensation was confusing, because — she was told — COVID had taken her sense of smell, and her memory, away. But this was…special. Her eyes closed against her volition as she breathed in a lungful of the sweet, musky odor.

For a moment, she was transfixed. Her mind flashed back to the one place she wished to never see again, Tokyo, September 1st, 1923. She could feel the ground start to shake as high above, glass jars rattled, before jumping off the shelf in a cascading storm of broken glass.

Master Yaoki had tried to protect her, but a falling beam had killed him on the spot. Nefarious fumes from the broken jars had combined and stopped the aging process in her sixty-two-year-old body; until COVID came. For the first time in 100 years, she was sick.

She started to lick herself. Was she crazy? No, just sick. Sick of her current existence. The musky odor revived her senses…

“Puffy, is that you?”

Puffy had no clue of what was going on. It was clearly time to move on. All those unfortunate putrid bodies were making her sicker.




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